What’s going on?

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Ye… I obviously blog more in certain periods and then less…

It seems I will be joining a small exhibition in a few weeks, a short one, like 2 weeks at my university and in the middle of the exhibition I am in London, yepp a love trip somewhat with my boyfriend ❤ but we will have time for lots of museums and stuff and Camden offcourse ^^

I have an upcoming exam next week so I will be studying for that this coming week, and the last one went REALLY well, O M G, so great, I was 1,5 points from full score, that is insane, and I just do my best all the time and it is nice to know my best is enough hihi

And I have a few projects going on, so for now I will be posting my process in my facebook group: Art by Linnéa Ahlberg, I will put it all together in a very pretty update later on but are you curious and can’t wait for my obvious dragged out updates I suggest you check out the facebook group 🙂


Have a nice week

(more to come)



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