Simply, a pretty good day!

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I have been reading for my exam all day long and then I just thought <Naaah I’ll just drop it for today>

I have been looking around in some old documents and finds this really engaging start of a story I wrote a while back. I thought that I could cooperate with a friend who knows how to write, since I have found myself in a position where I can pull out moments from my mind which would be awesome to write but then I have be unable to write the beginning and the end to that idea. But then I find this document where I have tried to write about the universe of “Inside out”, gallery of ideas here: Link to my deviantart

I start to make some changes that feel more close to the ideas I have today and then I continue writing and sure I have not gotten that far but it feels like a nice beginning and I think I’ll have to try to write this on my own. It feels good.


More is falling into its place. I have had problems with stress for a while and today I finally and suddenly felt some kind of balance inside, it seems like my hard work with it starting to show and the stress is starting to succumb.

Simply, a pretty sweet day!

And since my boyfriend is on vacation I took the opportunity to spend extra time with him, drinking the morning-coffee together is nice, a good way to start the day ^^





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