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Destination: British Museum
The plan was to go from A to B, but we kind of did not. When we got there we stayed for hours, we wanted to see everything…
When we got to the pottery of the different cultures, I went into my own world, sketched a little, took pictures, Stefan went on without me and knew he would find me where he left me ^^




We decided upon arriving to the museum that we would buy a map, we didn’t yesterday! We still got confused….even though we had the map…




In a few rooms people from the museum sat with objects from collections, with the purpose of letting the visitors hold these objects….


The rock above has been formed with a sharp end, it is 500 000 years old! And I am holding it!! *hihi*
Destination: Games workshop
Earlier today Stefan said that the games workshop wasn’t far from the museum, it wasn’t! Just that we must have gone passed it the first time…we gave up and ate food instead, after we went looking for it again….now we really had to start checking if we missed the sign or something, we figure we must have missed it again… Finally we find it!

Instead of walking home today, we took the tube, I mean we have walked all day, so now, safe at the hostel, we are just relaxing! (And resting our feet)



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