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Where can we go for better terms of living? Maybe I could ask Finland to invade Sweden? or perhaps I should emigrate for a better living? or…I wonder if I can start my own state up north in the woods with some friends….?

Since election in Sweden in september our government has not agreed on anything. The winning party put forth their budget today for a vote, but yet again nothing was agreed on. So. Now we have to have a re-election in mars…the question: will anything differ from today?

The people took their responsibility in september by voting and then it feels like the government are just playing around with the taxes we pay and just make up stuff to put the money into. The last 8 years we have had a “blue” government with less taxes and more private owned well fare institutions and in september we went “red” again. In their budget proposition they wanted to put money into the well fare system by raising some taxes again, they wanted to make sure our taxes went to schools and health care. How it looks on a period of 10 years the money is really needed there.

But no, since the “red” budget does not agree with the “blue” they cannot agree on the new budget…and then we have this party no one want to meddle with at all, but who had the final vote and their own budget thoughts, “Sverigedemokraterna” (the swedish democrats) who practically wants to close down the borders for anyone to immigrate and since this was not a part of the plans within the “red” or “blue” they cannot agree on the budget either. They just stick to their plans and their own agendas and here somewhere they forget about the people who voted for them who put their trust in them to run Sweden to make the country stable. And sure change can be good, like now when we will have a re-election and stuff but what I am really trying to get to is the fact that they are supposed to get along running Sweden like a team somewhat and what they are really doing is fighting in a playground like 5 years old kids. I am really disappointed in how they have managed this and I have zero trust in the government, and yet I still have to pay taxes, pay their stupid fights in the playground…..*sigh*

I guess we’ll just have to see how this works out, perhaps Sweden will be more stable than ever after this unstable period, but until then…

I have seen that people from all over the world have beenn checking out my blog and portfolio, how does it work where you live?


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