An endless circle

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Looking back on the year 2014….I could have done more creative stuff…thinking about the coming year…I should do more creative stuff…yes an endless circle *hihi*

I think what I take with me from this last year to the next is to make time for myself. I have had a few stress-related issues the last 6 months so mental note for myself: CHILL!

I also know I will have lots to do the coming 6 months, since it is my last term at the university….when summer comes I am a graduated teacher, subjects: art and english ^^ so then I stumbled over this…

Write something that makes you happy on a piece of paper every day and put it into the jar. At the end of the year tip the jar out and re-live all those scrummy, smiley moments! Plus whenever you need a pick-me-up, dig into your jar and read your happy thoughts!” (Link through picture)

…and I thought that this might actually be something I will be needing during the spring, small notes for myself that make me happy when I feel like my essay will kill me in my sleep *haha* (Yeah, I will be writing one last huge essay)

I have also found this journal on deviantart!

Duel of the fates by Qrumzsjem

Press the picture to get to the journal of Suzanne-Helmigh 🙂

So many good pointers on how to think, go about your art and her own goals for next year and she has also linked to lots of journals in the bottom bringing up more on the subject to lift yourself as an artist through different intreseting point of views. To be honest I have not had the time to read it all yet but I have saved the link for a rainy day ^^


Just one more! 😀

The artist Fran Krause has made illustrations to spoken “Deep Dark Fears”, some are really wicked, link through the picture above! the one above is just one of many 😉 Can you relate? or do you have anything else to put on the list? I think my own deep dark fear would be to fall down stairs, and the worst thing is that I am a bit clumsy sometimes and always when I go down stairs I imagine myself falling because then I would be prepared if it was to happen… yeah…happy new year! *haha*

I will not look back more than this on my previous year, if you want to check out what I have been up to during the year of 2014, scroll down and just browse the archive ^^



2 thoughts on “An endless circle

  1. Suzanne is another amazing artist that I saw through Henrik. Like I said, he knows some pretty amazing artists. Suzanne had a lot of really inspirational things to say on her page. Especially her statement about relearning fundamentals. Its something I am also rededicating myself to.

    1. I think I am thinking the same, but more in the visual department, to see…I will not put that much into the technique but instead focus on my sight; what is it I see? Not what I think I see but what I really see! Watch lines, colour and space 🙂 I have not yet read it all but I will, I have saved the link 😀
      Good luck!!

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