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“Wondering” SOLD

Watercolour, markers

Linnéa Ahlberg©2015


My growing bubble of calm


The exam I had on saturday is over and done with, and I have just been drawing and painting this weekend ever since!

I continued on this drawing

IMG_9186SIGN IMG_9188SIGN IMG_9191SIGN IMG17_0007fixsizeSIGN

This just went straight to hell, I lost the feeling I had when I started it and it just went….I should really have stopped earlier, I wanted those twiggs to be more visible and….oh well I do have the sketch and I will probably make twiggs like this again….

I have also been working on improvements on character design, not always improvements obviously…but it feels nice to just try different things and see how it works, I’m not sure I have come to the point when I am pleased. I do want a joyful character with lots of ideas on her mind but what I see now is more of a quiet girl who do not say more then needed, and that feel out of place from my original design…to be continued ^^

sketch dump

I have this nice red sketch book I try to collect my drawing into, and I tried the water colour in it, and it worked quite nicely, though the promarkers was bleeding straight through so I had to have something beneath 🙂



Above you can se the result as well as another try to develop my character Ophelia, she looks quite bored, that was not what I wanted from the beginning, though I must say if I am pleased with something I like the light in the lower part of the painting/drawing : )

IMG_9202SIGN IMG17_0006fixsizeSIGN

Here I just went back to my original design with the eyes and stuff, though I am not sure this is finished…and I am not sure I’ll continue either really

For now it seems like I will be able to just snatch a week-day, just like that, and just paint….no promisses for no one, but perhaps to myself ^^

My bubble of calm = create something


The bubble of calm



So much is going on with my spring term university studies, and they have not even begun yet! I think pen and paper will save me from digging my own grave this term, I don’t care if there will be almost only woods, since I happen to feel free and calm when walking the woods and do not have any around the corner of my apartmentbuilding (the park do not really count!!)

So, my work as far as I have come today, I think I’ll just continue experiment like the drawing from before witht he bright spot in the woods : )

Nothing became something

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Just a drawing with no goal whatsoever…

10906338_10152985100551285_1398517161165046066_nSIGN 10898302_10152985100561285_9106100487963540532_nSIGN

I just wanted to experiment so I just continued to do so, pro-markers and then water colour and the back to pro-markers and graphite pencil…


I suppose looking at it now…it did become something, time to start messing around with another drawing perhaps!

My box of happy thoughts 2015

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I decided to do that “happy jar” thing (see previous post) ^^





Above you can see the first happy thought of the year! And why does it say coffee, well, I have been working night two nights in a row and coffee tastes really good ; )
I have this quite big exam coming up in a week so offcourse I find myself starting all kinds of projects! That I most definitely will want to do instead of studying *hihi*

I mean I really do need to make a new “no ads” sign for the outside of my door, right?!

Have a nice weekend!
(Result of the sign will come, if it comes before the 10th of january you will know I put it before my studies) ; )