My growing bubble of calm


The exam I had on saturday is over and done with, and I have just been drawing and painting this weekend ever since!

I continued on this drawing

IMG_9186SIGN IMG_9188SIGN IMG_9191SIGN IMG17_0007fixsizeSIGN

This just went straight to hell, I lost the feeling I had when I started it and it just went….I should really have stopped earlier, I wanted those twiggs to be more visible and….oh well I do have the sketch and I will probably make twiggs like this again….

I have also been working on improvements on character design, not always improvements obviously…but it feels nice to just try different things and see how it works, I’m not sure I have come to the point when I am pleased. I do want a joyful character with lots of ideas on her mind but what I see now is more of a quiet girl who do not say more then needed, and that feel out of place from my original design…to be continued ^^

sketch dump

I have this nice red sketch book I try to collect my drawing into, and I tried the water colour in it, and it worked quite nicely, though the promarkers was bleeding straight through so I had to have something beneath 🙂



Above you can se the result as well as another try to develop my character Ophelia, she looks quite bored, that was not what I wanted from the beginning, though I must say if I am pleased with something I like the light in the lower part of the painting/drawing : )

IMG_9202SIGN IMG17_0006fixsizeSIGN

Here I just went back to my original design with the eyes and stuff, though I am not sure this is finished…and I am not sure I’ll continue either really

For now it seems like I will be able to just snatch a week-day, just like that, and just paint….no promisses for no one, but perhaps to myself ^^

My bubble of calm = create something



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