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For everyone who don’t know, am I studing to become an art and english teacher and is studing my last term at the university right now. This term involves 6 weeks of teacher’s practice at a school, so I am at an upper secondary school in the town I live and in the middle of my six weeks now.

I have been planning an assignment in ceramics for two classes and I kicked off the first lesson with one of these classes today. I can say it went smooth, when you know you are being watched and judged by your supervisor, who is usually giving lessons to these youngsters, you get a bit nervous. But it felt good and it felt right to be there. So here are a few pictures from my lesson, my supervisor took a few 🙂

11008060_878640195519392_7013214563503685221_n 10987693_878640358852709_8455083537126104285_o 10344174_878640268852718_5587358393194686656_o 10987748_878640238852721_2571059831051994426_o

The assignment in short; my students were going to make there own plate by pressing different shapes onto plastic film which has been wrapped around a bought plate. So I showed them the steps and what to think about and how to work the clay.IMG_9402

Above you can see what my thought is. In the end the inside will be smooth and have a layer of glace and the outside will have a nice pattern(without glace).

To be continued ❤


Frustrated about creativity

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I have the inspiration, I have the tools…almost…I am not really stuck, the energy has not drained me, but it is as if I am unable to get it out of my head. I have ideas, but why can I not get them out as I want to. I am working on different things but is it worth dropping things to move on, and when it feels like you can’t and have to finish it, what to do? For my “inside out” story line I have pictures in my head of how I want it, and at the same time I have started to write a piece, and it feels good but the written stuff do not go well with the style of illustrations I have made, I think…

And I really want to start up properly with ceramics! Perhaps it doesn’t show here on my blog but I do love ceramics, I even called about an oven today that my grandma say in the newspaper, but it had been sold unfortunately. I want to make mugs, and stuff you can use, I really like making stuff you can use, because then it has a function!

I am going partly insane about other stuff too, I have ideas for the lessons I will be holding at the school I am having my teacher’s practice, but I put too much pressure on myself, and I am pending between feeling I have the best idea to having the worst idea to thinking about starting over when I can’t because I have already spent two whole days on the initial idea, which as it feels now will probably be alright…

As it feels right now I just want to finish my teacher’s degree and start working, and make my own childrens’ book and also become a potter.


Have a nice weekend you all! ❤


Ongoing autumn scenery 2

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Ongoing autumn scenery 1

I made progress earlier this week…

11002627_10153082236486285_1364082638736361653_nSIGN 1 10942497_10153082236191285_797759865467794857_n SIGN 2 1907555_10153082235901285_519740174858491132_nSIGN 3 10394534_10153082235001285_7646135031779799533_nSIGN 4

The thought was to continue working with oils after the acrylic foundation, but then I got input from my boyfriend about it and he thought I perhaps should continue with the acrylics and do the details with oils, so I did… I mean he actually got so much more experience with oils than I do so he knows best…. or does he 😉 I have by no means gotten as far as to the oils yet…

I think I know what he means, but the main thought to practice the oils kind of disappeared now… so I am thinking about using something as a reference and get the hang of it that way instead…portraits are classical so I might jump into that to just…practice the oils somewhat 🙂

But just for the record, I will continue on this one and the thought is still to finish it *hihi* more to come that is! I am thinking about making small mushrooms with oilcolour ^^

Coffee and pencil

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I have just had coffee and cake this evening just letting my hand move a pen, it felt nice!

IMG17_0018fixSIGNsize IMG17_0017fixSIGNsize

I did some kind of selfportraits.

This week I have been swamped with the task of planning lots of lessons I will be giving the next 4 weeks, I have actually been thinking that perhaps I should have a category for only ideas to do in the classroom if you’re an art teacher…I will think a bit more about it, though it is very creative, a whole new level somewhat *hihi*

Preparations for a masquerade


Yepp, it is true I am going to a masquerade, the theme is unclear though masquerade say it clear enough. I thought that well since so many events happen that day I better keep it simple but elegant so a well-decorated venetian mask would do I thought at first. I had this old mask laying around being ugly so I just went for it….


I mean who can fail the disguise as a bird: nice mask+colourful clothes, Tadaa I am a bird! but then I got a better idea, so I started to change it….


Cutting in it, painting some outlines, thinking about how I can modify the mask to fit my new perfect idea, though what I did not think about was that when I cut away the parts covering my cheeks my cheeks all of a sudden pops out underneath as if I have been collecting nuts for the winter, *sigh* I gues I will go back to the drawing table a little…


Sooooo, for now, I will work a few steps ahead before revealing this new PERFECT idea, now I just need to find a few turquoise pants…..hmmm…..


Name-giving gift



Yesterday my boyfriend and I went to a name-giving party, and the painting above became the gift for the little one. I also heard my friend talking last spring that it would be nice to have something I have made in her daughter’s room so…Tadaa!
Link name-giving party

Link to gifts given


I have had a few paintings going on lately, but if they are a secret, then I haven’t revealed them offcourse : )

Next weekend is the valentine weekend… my boyfriend and I have decided to flee the field and lock us selves up in the studio to create and drink coffee, suits me well! ❤ (That means more to come)