Preparations for a masquerade


Yepp, it is true I am going to a masquerade, the theme is unclear though masquerade say it clear enough. I thought that well since so many events happen that day I better keep it simple but elegant so a well-decorated venetian mask would do I thought at first. I had this old mask laying around being ugly so I just went for it….


I mean who can fail the disguise as a bird: nice mask+colourful clothes, Tadaa I am a bird! but then I got a better idea, so I started to change it….


Cutting in it, painting some outlines, thinking about how I can modify the mask to fit my new perfect idea, though what I did not think about was that when I cut away the parts covering my cheeks my cheeks all of a sudden pops out underneath as if I have been collecting nuts for the winter, *sigh* I gues I will go back to the drawing table a little…


Sooooo, for now, I will work a few steps ahead before revealing this new PERFECT idea, now I just need to find a few turquoise pants…..hmmm…..



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