Ongoing autumn scenery 2

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Ongoing autumn scenery 1

I made progress earlier this week…

11002627_10153082236486285_1364082638736361653_nSIGN 1 10942497_10153082236191285_797759865467794857_n SIGN 2 1907555_10153082235901285_519740174858491132_nSIGN 3 10394534_10153082235001285_7646135031779799533_nSIGN 4

The thought was to continue working with oils after the acrylic foundation, but then I got input from my boyfriend about it and he thought I perhaps should continue with the acrylics and do the details with oils, so I did… I mean he actually got so much more experience with oils than I do so he knows best…. or does he 😉 I have by no means gotten as far as to the oils yet…

I think I know what he means, but the main thought to practice the oils kind of disappeared now… so I am thinking about using something as a reference and get the hang of it that way instead…portraits are classical so I might jump into that to just…practice the oils somewhat 🙂

But just for the record, I will continue on this one and the thought is still to finish it *hihi* more to come that is! I am thinking about making small mushrooms with oilcolour ^^


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