Frustrated about creativity

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I have the inspiration, I have the tools…almost…I am not really stuck, the energy has not drained me, but it is as if I am unable to get it out of my head. I have ideas, but why can I not get them out as I want to. I am working on different things but is it worth dropping things to move on, and when it feels like you can’t and have to finish it, what to do? For my “inside out” story line I have pictures in my head of how I want it, and at the same time I have started to write a piece, and it feels good but the written stuff do not go well with the style of illustrations I have made, I think…

And I really want to start up properly with ceramics! Perhaps it doesn’t show here on my blog but I do love ceramics, I even called about an oven today that my grandma say in the newspaper, but it had been sold unfortunately. I want to make mugs, and stuff you can use, I really like making stuff you can use, because then it has a function!

I am going partly insane about other stuff too, I have ideas for the lessons I will be holding at the school I am having my teacher’s practice, but I put too much pressure on myself, and I am pending between feeling I have the best idea to having the worst idea to thinking about starting over when I can’t because I have already spent two whole days on the initial idea, which as it feels now will probably be alright…

As it feels right now I just want to finish my teacher’s degree and start working, and make my own childrens’ book and also become a potter.


Have a nice weekend you all! ❤



2 thoughts on “Frustrated about creativity

  1. I know exactly how that feels, like there are a million ideas, floating around in your head, and, you’re just, way too distracted by all of it, not knowing which one to grab onto, and, you end up, getting stalled, you just need to zoom in on a certain aspect of what you’re doing, and, just relax a bit, and, i’m sure, that everything will flow smoothly then, or, you may need to take a break from the drawing desk and, do something else, and then, come back to whatever it was you were working on, so you can start fresh again??? Just a few suggestions, hope it helps:)

    1. Ah thank you, you really put words into what I am feeling! ❤
      I agree with you when it comes to the drawing desk, but another choice is to draw even more, but not at home, at the desk, no, outside, in town, in the woods, somewhere else….I have also thought about borrowing some super sculpey clay from my boyfriend and try out my luck making small heads, that could be fun : ) try other kinds of mediums ^^ I also have a thousand ideas for cups, that could be one way to go too, to make lots of coffee mugs hihi!
      Thanks for you advice! And thanks for reading my blog!! 😀

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