Creative weekend

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Friday after making the deadline for an assignment I went over to my bearded man ❤

and then it just happened to be one of those creative weekends!







My boyfriend said in the beginning that perhaps I shouldn’t play around, but it felt nice to just keep a light grip of the brushes and promarkers and just let it move around aimlessly and see what it could become later. I used promarkers to sketch with and then I went in using the watercolour, and then the fine liners, and then perhaps the watercolour again 🙂

Reflection: It is really nice to share studio, drink coffee together and that stuff but I suppose it is nice to close the doors around you and just create in your own bubble without having people butting in on your work. Hear me right, it is nice exchanging thoughts though sometimes you just need to do your own stuff in your own way, and do I know my boyfriend right e agrees with me on that. Oh my god he would be irritated if I questioned him all the time while painting, sculpting, making molds, terrain, and so on *hihi*

We are not currently living together so in this writing moment I am at home in my own studio, but when autumn comes we will probably see if we might find a place we can share together ❤ So either we find a place big enough so we can share a huge studio (it need to be huge) or we come across an apartment with rooms enough for two studios, I suppose both solutions have its pros and cons.

The rest of day…I need to make work samples for a course I am applying to….I want to make a childrens’ book someday and I want to make both illustrations and text, so I better get better at my writing skills, so I am hoping to get accepted to a writing course specifically for writing childrens’ books 😉




Coffee in the studio

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I have been working a bit with sculpting small faces and a woman’s body, time to continue with more ideas and working a bit more with the materials I showed off in the previous post. I suppose it is somewhat still experiments but this one I have been working on during the weekend and I have an idea how to continue, so I will try to animate it for the fun of it!

IMG_9532 IMG_9535 IMG_9536 IMG_9538 IMG_9538 IMG_9539 IMG_9543

It will NOT turn out as the sketch suggest! I will make a new sketch today (?), this week(?), anywho I will make a new post when I have gotten that far 🙂

The other day I found other materials as well that could be fun playing around with to make the “skin”.

IMG_9494 IMG_9493

Though the yarns might become a crouched hat, we’ll see. I have other small pieces of fabric too that I will look for as well for this project. By the way, I have not yet fired the woman’s body I made but it turned out like this:

IMG_9526 IMG_9527 IMG_9529

Yes, I am in a good mood, time to put don the studies for today, head into my boyfriend’s studio and continue the sculpting of my stop motion puppet, and later yoga…and as I heard it will pour down snow and shit later this week I will probably go for a run as well (no promise *hihi*).


Yeah, and here is my boyfriend saying hi ❤




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I found materials today when I went with that gorgeous man of mine of on a small shopping spree, he needed materials for a new terrain building project. And I wanted to collect a few materials so I can build dolls and try out stop motion capture 🙂
First off was the hardware store, while Stefan bought mdf I asked if I could get the thrown off wood for free, and explained I just needed a few pieces, I was told to take what I needed (for free). Off to the next hardware store I found screws and fine sand paper…

I’ll try out my ideas later this week! Still need to find aluminum wire…


Testing my luck

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My drawing sessions have become fewer so I thought, why not try out sculpting, which my boyfriend could lend a hand with since h’s a real bad-ass at sculpting, though while he’s sculpting for the warhammer 40k scale I try a bit bigger!

I have had thoughts about my insideout story, which practically is a story about girl spending lots of time with her grandma with a few fantasy elements, and yeah, it is partly…ok…mostly based on my childhood with my grandma. But I just simply thought I should try different methods, why not sculpting…but my sculpting did not go in the became more like practice, to see what I am worth when it comes to sculpting…

IMG_9436 IMG_9437 IMG_9444 IMG_9445 IMG_9449 IMG_9468 IMG_9471 IMG_9475 IMG_9476 IMG_9481 IMG_9487

I have been wokring my way with supersculpey, this last one I didn’t have aluminum to use as a base so I just went on using many layers of supersculpey, so unfortunately it has a few really small cracks from all the firing in the oven, so right now I am tryin to finish up for a final firing, I don’t seem to have more photos right now so I’ll update this work later on. This is just practice and will probably not become something special.

And now you may wonder a little about the wire armature, well wouldn’t it be awesome to try out stop motion I thought…so I think I am practising for something like that, that would be fun. And now the last couple of days I have been working lots with some university stuff so offcourse I want to do/make/create everythign my heart desire 😉

I did make it for the crouche café wednesday..I started out on a hat I have been wanting for a while… but just liek last time I did not get to the fream-hat…but it became a hat just as well!

IMG_9478 IMG_9480

It is hard to see but it is dark blue with brighter blue accent colours…

The main point is not the fact that I failed to make my… rather that I FINISHED this one!!!! I will have to buy some more yarn and try it once more, it is as easy as that! Third time is a charm, right ?! 😉

I feel like I want to do so many things but next on my list is to kiss my boyfriend welcome home (to his home, we live apart for the moment) and then just go to bed!




An instrumental sunday

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Below you can find an awesome spotify-link to a really nice play list

 An Instrumental Sunday

Yes, I really do long for other activities, like, continue to write a story I am working on, sculpt nipples, draw..alot…paint, pivtures just pop into my head while listening to this play list… even more pictures popped! i sequences like a move, I want to try stop motion filming, I want to work on my pottery skills, I want to illustrae children’s books, I want to create, blog, my fingers are itching, continue to read a book, watch a film with brilliant music..and..and….I guess I better finish up my documents for tomorrow’s oral exam about systematic quality work in school….




Sneek peek….



Back to my studies……