An instrumental sunday

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Below you can find an awesome spotify-link to a really nice play list

 An Instrumental Sunday

Yes, I really do long for other activities, like, continue to write a story I am working on, sculpt nipples, draw..alot…paint, pivtures just pop into my head while listening to this play list… even more pictures popped! i sequences like a move, I want to try stop motion filming, I want to work on my pottery skills, I want to illustrae children’s books, I want to create, blog, my fingers are itching, continue to read a book, watch a film with brilliant music..and..and….I guess I better finish up my documents for tomorrow’s oral exam about systematic quality work in school….




Sneek peek….



Back to my studies……





4 thoughts on “An instrumental sunday

  1. Been there too, sometimes, you have a major exam, but, you just want to CHUCK everything, the books, the notes, and do something ELSE entirely different, but you still ended up, buckling down, because you KNOW the consequences of not doing so, is way worse, that’s something we, as students in school must endure through…

    1. Indeed!! Hihi
      After the oral exam yesterday our group found out that we all happyface on my end 😉 I even found time to blog yesterday 😉 moahaha!!

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