Creative weekend

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Friday after making the deadline for an assignment I went over to my bearded man ❤

and then it just happened to be one of those creative weekends!







My boyfriend said in the beginning that perhaps I shouldn’t play around, but it felt nice to just keep a light grip of the brushes and promarkers and just let it move around aimlessly and see what it could become later. I used promarkers to sketch with and then I went in using the watercolour, and then the fine liners, and then perhaps the watercolour again 🙂

Reflection: It is really nice to share studio, drink coffee together and that stuff but I suppose it is nice to close the doors around you and just create in your own bubble without having people butting in on your work. Hear me right, it is nice exchanging thoughts though sometimes you just need to do your own stuff in your own way, and do I know my boyfriend right e agrees with me on that. Oh my god he would be irritated if I questioned him all the time while painting, sculpting, making molds, terrain, and so on *hihi*

We are not currently living together so in this writing moment I am at home in my own studio, but when autumn comes we will probably see if we might find a place we can share together ❤ So either we find a place big enough so we can share a huge studio (it need to be huge) or we come across an apartment with rooms enough for two studios, I suppose both solutions have its pros and cons.

The rest of day…I need to make work samples for a course I am applying to….I want to make a childrens’ book someday and I want to make both illustrations and text, so I better get better at my writing skills, so I am hoping to get accepted to a writing course specifically for writing childrens’ books 😉




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