Dad’s gift

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Tomorrow is my dad’s birthday, so during the two-day roadtrip with Stefan we visited dad and brought him a gift.


He wished for a plate I had made from the clay he picked for me at the family cabin in Finland, but then when I had decided which one he was getting I realized that it would look even better to pair one bigger plate with a smaller, so the greenish made the fit I wanted so he actually got two plates…or bowls 🙂

If you want to check out the process of these ceramics click HERE

my next week has already begun so this is me procrastinating a bit of my work….so back to my studies….on a sunday…tragic, but then I will have an upper hand of next week somewhat so I guess it will pay off!



Life drawing because I can

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I must say it is totally OK! to study at the university when you have to make an essay and while collecting data at a school I get to draw people!

The pupils have been playing around with wire and plaster, had croquis, self-portraits, drawing shoes…the list goes on, I won’t get into details regarding my essay, I can add a link for it when it is finished if there is an interest 🙂

A few drawings from my last two weeks…

IMG17_0001SIGN   IMG17_0002SIGN   IMG17_0005SIGNIMG17_0006SIGN   IMG17_0007SIGN  IMG17_0023SIGN

I am thinking about using my summer for lots and lots of sketches outside in the open air drawing people..and seriously I cannot keep from drawing trees so I want to draw them too 😀

I put a bit more time into the room pictures but otherwise it is seconds or if I was lucky a few minutes on each drawing, more likely seconds really…they had the habit of moving around quite alot 🙂

So, if I do not update for a while then it is because I am rocking my essay and the work with it and finishing up my teacher’s degree…. 😉


Start of painting during easter

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I am not sure I posted the sketch I made for a painting a while back and I doesn’t seem to find it among my pictures on the laptop…but


if you look at it one more time you’ll see that I have smudged away a huge creature, so the sketch was practically this and the not-smudged creature.

Well last weekend I was just into it and it just..happened…


Aaaand, I just happened to continue with it a bit more, no photo of it yet though, so this is not how it looks now, I am trying to work out some excitement or should I say story in it, it is quite flat as the last picture shows above…nothing going on at all..Bo(high pitch)ooooring….




The end of a project!

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Remember these ceramic bowls: LINK , when I have had my teacher’s practise I have been allowed to fire them and put glaze on them! so results below…

10425427_10153179443606285_6037337800989714935_n 11054814_10153179443596285_3655256893379174600_n 11083657_10153179443586285_1745206391708989101_n

I knew from a few years back that the clay would turn to an orange colour but I did not expect it to become so bright orange, I really liked how they turned out at this stage, but I really wanted to glaze the inside and keep the outside natural, I have done that sort fo thing with this clay before and it turned out awesome…what could go wrong I mean….yeaaah…WHAT could go wrong……???

I could not glaze a refire everyhitng at once since the student’s stuff had to go first, so in the first glaze-oven this came out…

IMG_9350 IMG_9354 IMG_9355 IMG_9357 IMG_9358 IMG_9359

During my process I had contact with a friend of mine who had had his own ceramic company, it was so much fun to discuss what had happened at the different stages!

These bowls above are two which I put stamps on the outside in the making of them and I put oxide on the outside before the glaze-firing and also as you can see glaze inside. What’s more is that the clay probably should have been fired at a lower temperature, because it deformed itself during the second firing, and cracks were created but I did also put sand into the clay beofre making them so tthats propably why you see the weird crater cracks on the outside of the bowls. One more thing, you might notice how the outside has a marbled outside, well, I’ll get to that, but first some more pictures from the second glaze-oven!

IMG_9413 IMG_9416 IMG_9417

I really wanted to make it a four piece set, but it turned out to be three rather than four, since as before a crack just popped up and deformed the whole piece, and became its own bowl. And when I glazed these this happened:

IMG_9322 IMG_9325

When I mixed in sand in my clay from the beginning and then fired it the most plausable explanation is that the clay had LOTS of vents throughout it and when glazed the glazed went straight through, these parts also has a different feel to them than the brighter parts. EXCITING as hell!! and offcourse this happened to every single bowl I made with this mix of clay. In the third and last glaze-oven I fired the bigger bowls/plates.

IMG_9515  IMG_9512 IMG_9513 IMG_9518 IMG_9519

These got a bit deformed but the will do nicely, the red glaze laid itself very thick in the bottom of the plate, so these got kind of heavy. I must say that I am mostly happy about not destroying the oven since my ceramics could have just as well had leaked out into the oven, lucky me that did not happen. Two ceramic objects above has been reserved but is there someone else that has interest in acquiring any of them don’t hesitate to contact me 🙂 Contacts can be found on the main page.


And for now I’ll just wish you a happy easter!