Life drawing because I can

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I must say it is totally OK! to study at the university when you have to make an essay and while collecting data at a school I get to draw people!

The pupils have been playing around with wire and plaster, had croquis, self-portraits, drawing shoes…the list goes on, I won’t get into details regarding my essay, I can add a link for it when it is finished if there is an interest 🙂

A few drawings from my last two weeks…

IMG17_0001SIGN   IMG17_0002SIGN   IMG17_0005SIGNIMG17_0006SIGN   IMG17_0007SIGN  IMG17_0023SIGN

I am thinking about using my summer for lots and lots of sketches outside in the open air drawing people..and seriously I cannot keep from drawing trees so I want to draw them too 😀

I put a bit more time into the room pictures but otherwise it is seconds or if I was lucky a few minutes on each drawing, more likely seconds really…they had the habit of moving around quite alot 🙂

So, if I do not update for a while then it is because I am rocking my essay and the work with it and finishing up my teacher’s degree…. 😉



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