“Living in the moment”

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“Living in the moment”

Watercolour, Fine liners

Linnéa Ahlberg©2015


Coffee and drawing

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Blogging from my phone, it is what it is, more instant than from pc 🙂
I’m sitting in a bunker (cellar) drinking coffee and eating sweets and drawing/painting, I really need to get new papers for the water colour, my sketch book is not ideal! Put into my mental notepad.
Above is just a single piece which I will scan into the pc later, putting it up properly! 🙂

EDIT: See the finished and properly scanned picture HERE


One day off from my studies!



One day off from my studies, I am actually planning to study all weekend and since I am waiting for comments from my supervisor I might as well just rest to get back on the writing tomorrow 🙂
Later I will meet up with my boyfriend and some friends to drink coffee and draw, I am trying to lay up a plan for a project 😉


Grandma 1945-07-04 – 2015-05-02

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I am watching over you until the time is right,

when you let go of this world I will catch you.

Together we walk through woods and fields in full blom,

towards the next adventure.

Those you leave behind will remember you like yesterday.

Don’t worry.

When the time is right for your loved ones,

they will once more be at your side.

The time for catching up will come,

Until then, live and make sure you have a tale to tell.


For my beloved grandma who recently left this life ❤


Good news

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Last week I signed the contract for a new job, starting this fall. I will be working as an art teacher in the 6-9th grade, so I pretty much landed my first job, it kiiiind of feels like the dream job ❤

Now I will ponder whether or not to specifically blog about my first year as an art teacher 🙂

One thing at a time though, first gradute!