Final final essay


I have been studying to become a teacher in english and art since the spring of 2009, with a break for two years of art studies. Today I handed in my final essay. Now I wait. The final grade might take a while as it seems.

When I saw the message from the examinator that I was allowed to hand it in I just cracked, wow, tears of joy!! ❤

This means I will finally have free time to do… WHATEVER I want!! 😉



A weekend off from studies

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I have had a really nice weekend, actually my first weekend off studies for weeks!(!!!!!) Today I took the opportunity to meet up with a friend and just create stuff in our own bubbles ❤

This is my friend Emellie Erlandsson, she is a photographer and was making some order in her mental disorder of ideas, and put them in books…she has a portfolio buuuut I am blogging from my phone and can not remember the address sooo…show it to you later 🙂

I on the other hand bought some new 100 pages of water colour papers and new brushes from some of my birthday money *HAPPYFACE*



I did not finish this piece today, though I got some way to the finishline, unfortunately I did not snap shot the progress with the water colour. And my new brushes O M G it was like mmm and it was like aaah and yeah pretty much heaven to use them, I bought them at Panduro(.se) 🙂

We also made cake in a mug with icecream, YUM ❤


Putting together this post from my bed so….time to sleep