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Blog, Creativity

Yesterday I visited a very small store which sells everything connected to pottery. I had decided to meet up with the owner when I got back to town after work, he would wait an extra hour at his store and keep open for my sake, so damn nice of him!!

I bought 50 kg of red clay and a few tools, offcourse I wanted to buy everything in that place…I will probably go back for a few colour powders (I will google the proper terms for everything later, I am eating ice-cream for the moment).

My studio at home today has been all about making useful stuff with my clay and Stefan also has room for his sculpting-project for a client 🙂

 I have thumbed out 2 bowls and a coffee cup today…

I really need more space, hopefully I will get more space in time ❤

Battling a very sore tailbone for the moment, lucky me I have the best work-chair in the studio!! Perhaps I will go make another coffee cup…


Watercolour inks

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Stefan was running around wild when I got home from work, we had decided to have friends over for coffee and some drawing-time! I must say that he is pretty good at cleaning when he has to…anyhow I decided to bring my watercolours and stuff, and when I was about to prep for painting I see I got everything EXCEPT my watercolours! I did bring my watercolour inks luckily!





While repacking my sleep-over bag I made sure to grab my unfinished acrylic painting…more to come!


First week

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So last time I wrote I was nervous and it felt like I had so much to do before this week started. It felt like stuff piled up and was beginning to fall in on me. And then the week began.

I started my new job as an art and english teacher on monday, though the students starts a week later. This job is not only new, it is my first job as a teacher, good news: I passed my last course at the university, so I am actually a teacher now, in name!

It feels like it should be more scary, but it isn’t, it feels natural. I guess that is what comes out of studying for so long to become something specific. My workplace has been very welcoming and in a way I do not feel like the new co-worker. I think I will find my place perfectly.

Weekend now though, time to rest up!

The plan was to get out int he woods tomorrow but I think I’ll hover over some drawing or painting instead ❤

And a small notice for all my co-workers who have started to add me on Facebook, you will probably notice this blog sooner or later, and if you continue reading this blog you will mostly just read about stuff I make and happy stuff happening 🙂

Yeah by the way, I had something going on, I was planning an exhibition at a gallery in my town, but they were full on the evening I had in mind, though they told me people really want the evening of culture-night and that I could book myself for next year’s event…so I booked myself for next year 😉 Probably for the best with my new job and all now, lots of time to next year to work on better stuff than I already have!

Have a nice weekend!

Bild 2015-08-15 kl_Fotor


Coffee at the lodge

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I joined my boyfriend and friends at the lodge where every other thursday is creativity time….and lots of coffee and sweets…


Many of the guys are preparing their warhammer 40k for a tournament in about a week but I as usual did my own thing 🙂


This piece became an idea for a painting, and then I thought why not go down in size, so in a very near future I will be buying som panels to paint on and then I even have an idea for a series of paintings ^^


I also messed around with my water colour pencils to play around with colour, the colours are not exactly right in these photos but i liked the feeling of the flowers, perhaps I will pick it up later…
Well what I want to do is draw and paint actually…but I soon need to get to my last night of work at an elderly home, always something else you want to do – right?!


A plan

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I can get stuck on pinterest, while going through art and inspiration I imagine my stuff actually turning into something. Something concrete, something I can touch, something that becomes something. I seem to have a hard time at the moment to make art because I want everything to turn into something meaningful. I do produce small drawings and sketches but they don’t turn into something meaningful they are just a drawing, a single which don’t get more connection och context than just a drawing. This all together makes me think I need a plan for my creating activities. A plan which leads to something concrete, and something I can put my finger on.

Many things are happening right now.

But in away I do have a plan: to exhibit my art I have done in the recent period of time. In the town where I live we have the so called ‘kulurnatten’, translated to ‘culture-night’. This night is when the whole town get out and are cultural: music, art, theatre and so on. Next week I get answer from a gallery, whether  I get the opportunity to exhibit during this night. Hold your thumbs. If I get the opportunity I know I will finish up many paintings and make sure to frame them and buy frames for a few other pieces. I’ll keep you updated.

I will continue to make small plans for myself, becuse I am starting to think this is my way of keep up my creative spirit and get the feeling of making something meaningful for myself and hopefully to others. culture-night occurs in late september so mean that is over a new plan will start to form.

But for now feel free to check out my pinterest account 🙂

Pinterest: Imaginarylea

Here you can find inspiration and art I like and tattoo-ideas and much more. Yeah, btw I am planning to hire a friend of mine to make a tattoo so more about that too in time 😉

Good night!