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I can get stuck on pinterest, while going through art and inspiration I imagine my stuff actually turning into something. Something concrete, something I can touch, something that becomes something. I seem to have a hard time at the moment to make art because I want everything to turn into something meaningful. I do produce small drawings and sketches but they don’t turn into something meaningful they are just a drawing, a single which don’t get more connection och context than just a drawing. This all together makes me think I need a plan for my creating activities. A plan which leads to something concrete, and something I can put my finger on.

Many things are happening right now.

But in away I do have a plan: to exhibit my art I have done in the recent period of time. In the town where I live we have the so called ‘kulurnatten’, translated to ‘culture-night’. This night is when the whole town get out and are cultural: music, art, theatre and so on. Next week I get answer from a gallery, whether  I get the opportunity to exhibit during this night. Hold your thumbs. If I get the opportunity I know I will finish up many paintings and make sure to frame them and buy frames for a few other pieces. I’ll keep you updated.

I will continue to make small plans for myself, becuse I am starting to think this is my way of keep up my creative spirit and get the feeling of making something meaningful for myself and hopefully to others. culture-night occurs in late september so mean that is over a new plan will start to form.

But for now feel free to check out my pinterest account 🙂

Pinterest: Imaginarylea

Here you can find inspiration and art I like and tattoo-ideas and much more. Yeah, btw I am planning to hire a friend of mine to make a tattoo so more about that too in time 😉

Good night!



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