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Yesterday I visited a very small store which sells everything connected to pottery. I had decided to meet up with the owner when I got back to town after work, he would wait an extra hour at his store and keep open for my sake, so damn nice of him!!

I bought 50 kg of red clay and a few tools, offcourse I wanted to buy everything in that place…I will probably go back for a few colour powders (I will google the proper terms for everything later, I am eating ice-cream for the moment).

My studio at home today has been all about making useful stuff with my clay and Stefan also has room for his sculpting-project for a client 🙂

 I have thumbed out 2 bowls and a coffee cup today…

I really need more space, hopefully I will get more space in time ❤

Battling a very sore tailbone for the moment, lucky me I have the best work-chair in the studio!! Perhaps I will go make another coffee cup…



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