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It is just like christmas when you get that small note on your phone saying you can go get your package, it does not matter if you know what you ordered.


I got a new bigger plastic holder for my water colours, two sketch pads, colored pencils (those woodless ones) and two different sizes of rubber nibbed brushes. Hopefully the rubber nibs will work perfectly when I work with sculpting in my ceramic works 🙂

I got invited to join in on an evening of drawing at a friend on thursday, so I see that as my chance to try out my new stuff. I will also try out that other water colour cake I found at school the other day.

Soon time to crawl to bed, into my cave built from pillows, blankets and covers, but first attempting to be a grown-up and pay my bills!



A busy day

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busy day in school and busy evening with other responsibilities at home. Well, at least I get to drink coffee out of a brilliant cup from IKEA, which I decorated…

I imagine nice flower fields 🙂


Following a trail


I drove by my friend Hanna and we took a shorter trail in the woods today, it was a while since last time. We are both looking forward to next sunday and yet another one of the shorter trails in this area 🙂

I found new boots yesterday as well, I tried them out today, they were perfect!!

In two weeks I am hitting one of the longer trails with my dad so perhaps I should start exercising more after work 😉 to be as fit as I can be in two weeks! No promisses on that though…


A fun evening with my sister Linda

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My youngest sister is visiting an amusement park with her boyfriend and our dad. So while they are away I made time to hang out with my other sister Linda. The youngest is the hair dresser in this family but we are never free to get together at the same time to do something about my terrible outgrowth of my hair…so Linda and I took matters in out own hands, my hair before and after, and some other stuff ^_^

 We also checked what weird photos you can take on my new mac, I got a mac from work, kind of perfect timing since my old pc was/is way too old to really work properly.

Bild 2015-09-25 kl. 20.38 #3 Bild 2015-09-25 kl. 20.39 Bild 2015-09-25 kl. 20.41 #2 Bild 2015-09-25 kl. 20.43 Bild 2015-09-25 kl. 20.43 #4 Bild 2015-09-25 kl. 20.40

Creativity in a different way!


Almost missing the coffee-break at work for this (and my coworkers had made cake too)

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today when I was putting together garbage from my classroom, I am cleaning it out so I know what I have and not, anywho, I found some exciting colours. It was like squared water colours but still not quite like the usual stuff I work with.

I had to use SOME force to get to them all, it was small squares of colour in plastic containers, and they had a thick rubber-like glue inbetween, something must have spilled over a long time ago. Well I used force and tada~

I have a few to use in the classroom!! Check this out…

I tried it on different surfaces though not yet on water colour papper 

Also, what was fascinating was the high pigment in the colour, this also mean it is darn hard to get rid of it from your hands! But I need to do my dishes so perhaps it will be cleaner after that 😉

This was the front to the plastic containers, I am not even sure they sell these nowadays…If  they do feel free to let me know 😉


Small alterations

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This feels like pure practise, there will probably be a hundred cups before I feel like I am getting what I want. I like the skulpting of the handle, I will probably keep working on that! The bottom is too thick on both of these mugs, so if it cracks it will be because of the thick bottom and nothing else!! My plan is to use a spoon to make them all shiny, but they need to become leather hard first, so later today should be ideal.



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Visited a second hand shop today, came home with a few books and two cups from Arabia Finland, they are so pretty !!

Well I managed to kill a few hours in the studio with Stefan as well…

I managed to create quite a few bowls, and also two mugs. I had some trouble with cracks in the bottom of a few earlier things I made last weekend, but got great help from a friend who knows his way around clay and ceramics. He suggested that I probably need to work the clay better towards the bottom, so I see these as good practise for the future!! So now I just have to wait and see if I did it in the right way!!

If these manage not to crack they will once more be subjects to experiment since I need to take the oven at work for a test run later. I would rather see my stuff break than the kids spirits if I was to try the oven on their stuff!! You NEVER know, it could all break….

Have a nice weekend!

Degree Certificate!!!!



The proper papers for my degree have finally arrived! This weekend I am applying for the teacher’s ID, the last and final step, unless I need to talk to them to add more subjects because they forgot something I think should be in my ID….time will tell…the time to get the ID is estimated to 6-9 months.

I also paid my parking ticket today…I have still not really gotten rid of the cold….but the huge upside are the proper papers above!! And besides the parking ticket really was my own fault, if I had remembered the rules for parking it would not have happened 😉


Sickday 1

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It seems I got a huge cold with red dots on my tongue and my snot is yellow and my troat hurts. Though I have never really seen so many red dots on my tongue and so that was  kind of cool, I will spare you a real image though 😉


Other than actually resting today (omg it is so damn boring, I like my job to much) I made sure the cup from yesterday got a foot-ring…I will be home tomorrow as well, though on wednesday I can’t take this anymore, so that will be a work-day, period!!