Sickday 1

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It seems I got a huge cold with red dots on my tongue and my snot is yellow and my troat hurts. Though I have never really seen so many red dots on my tongue and so that was  kind of cool, I will spare you a real image though 😉


Other than actually resting today (omg it is so damn boring, I like my job to much) I made sure the cup from yesterday got a foot-ring…I will be home tomorrow as well, though on wednesday I can’t take this anymore, so that will be a work-day, period!!



2 thoughts on “Sickday 1

  1. Perhaps, your body “acting up” is its way of telling you that you’re working too hard, and so, you should probably enjoy your days off, do what you enjoy but don’t have the time for everday. Hope you get better soon:)

    1. I will make another cup today, and squeeze in some work too 🙂
      Thank you !!
      Tomorrow will be a work-day though so many meetings…though you have point with what you are saying 🙂

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