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Visited a second hand shop today, came home with a few books and two cups from Arabia Finland, they are so pretty !!

Well I managed to kill a few hours in the studio with Stefan as well…

I managed to create quite a few bowls, and also two mugs. I had some trouble with cracks in the bottom of a few earlier things I made last weekend, but got great help from a friend who knows his way around clay and ceramics. He suggested that I probably need to work the clay better towards the bottom, so I see these as good practise for the future!! So now I just have to wait and see if I did it in the right way!!

If these manage not to crack they will once more be subjects to experiment since I need to take the oven at work for a test run later. I would rather see my stuff break than the kids spirits if I was to try the oven on their stuff!! You NEVER know, it could all break….

Have a nice weekend!


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