Small alterations

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This feels like pure practise, there will probably be a hundred cups before I feel like I am getting what I want. I like the skulpting of the handle, I will probably keep working on that! The bottom is too thick on both of these mugs, so if it cracks it will be because of the thick bottom and nothing else!! My plan is to use a spoon to make them all shiny, but they need to become leather hard first, so later today should be ideal.



3 thoughts on “Small alterations

  1. Glad to hear, that you’re still keeping doing what you love to do, sometimes, it gets hard, because from time to time, what you love doing becomes a drag, and, it seems, that you’re having NO such problems here…

    1. None what so ever…not for now anyway, I had troubles with stress a while back and I suppose I have learned to make time for me and my wellbeing since then. it was quite scary episodes really so I wouldn’t want to go back there… This evening I bought home some fast food, jumped into my pyjama and curled up into my couch, good start this week! The hardest part was to not feel guilty whenever I sat down, now I feel relaxed and at peace inside out 🙂

      Have a nice week!
      PS. feel free to find me on Facebook and send a friend request ^^

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