Almost missing the coffee-break at work for this (and my coworkers had made cake too)

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today when I was putting together garbage from my classroom, I am cleaning it out so I know what I have and not, anywho, I found some exciting colours. It was like squared water colours but still not quite like the usual stuff I work with.

I had to use SOME force to get to them all, it was small squares of colour in plastic containers, and they had a thick rubber-like glue inbetween, something must have spilled over a long time ago. Well I used force and tada~

I have a few to use in the classroom!! Check this out…

I tried it on different surfaces though not yet on water colour papper 

Also, what was fascinating was the high pigment in the colour, this also mean it is darn hard to get rid of it from your hands! But I need to do my dishes so perhaps it will be cleaner after that 😉

This was the front to the plastic containers, I am not even sure they sell these nowadays…If  they do feel free to let me know 😉



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