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I love my work as an art teacher! I get to paint at work. It feels so good! Even though it is simple shapes and basics…perhaps I will just grab this happy feeling and do some basics at home for my own sake later this week and next weekend ❤

The kids have been doing the circle of colours and using colours in different ways. They have been working with water colours, and the rule is no pencils for support when outlining shapes, only different value of water colours 🙂

Below are my paintings I have made to show the students what I mean.




Fresh air

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The same area as yeasterday, my friend Hanna, her mom and I went around the lake from yeasterday. We all took photos. Hanna for a portfolio project, her mom for the fun of it and I for inspiration ❤ the speed was a bit slower today from yesterday, but I did not really mind, I was a bit sore from yesterday 🙂

Aaaaand that sculpting-thing-project from yesterday….if it still lives at Stefan’s on saturday then it fate and I will continue…if it dries up….then I’ll kill it, start over and do another 🙂

Good Night!


Soaking up energy

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I was out in the woods today with dad, it was lovely, though I hate my heavy breathing…I probably need to work out more often….


When we got back we met up with Stefan for som burgers at Texas Longhorn ❤

And when dad went home Stefan and I started up the work in the studio!

More tomorrow perhaps 🙂



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Next week a photographer will visit me to snap photos of my apartment. I will be selling my apartment in the near future to live with my boyfriend. Gosh, I have a few things in my studio to put away before next week, I also found stuff I haven’t seen in a while!

Also, when my boyfriend and I went to ikea a while ago I found THESE!!

So I re-found them today…it is silicone-icecream-holders!!! I REALLY like ice-cream so this is kind of the perfect set up! 

LATER TONIGHT!!! ❤ ice-cream date with the boyfriend!!



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something came up in my apartment, I am now waiting for some help to straighten it out, it is boring to wait, and besides I will be late to work….not a happy face.

But happyface for the package arriving yesterday! I made an order with my boyfriend and a friend of mine. I got:

The XL pad i have now 4 of 😉

Anywho I tried out my pencils in the boring wait just now!

They have a greyisch tone, me like!!

I wonder when the boring wait is over…



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I have been planning a surprise for my boyfriend this last week, he got small clues this morning while we still were to lazy to get up out of the bed. Though he still did not know the exact place we were going. All of a sudden he asks if we can make a tour to the tropicarium, a quick google on the opening hours, viola! We decided to go there, it was a bit further from the place I had planned on going so this would be perfect!! 

I took him to the ravine of Getå, not far from the city ❤


Before we went here I had bought sketch pads, made coffe and sandwiches ❤

The drawing above is made by my boyfriend Stefan ❤

When we got back to the car we continued our adventure!


We also got souveniers. I bought a pretty bracelet and Stefan found new incenses 🙂

We are back safe and sound…my fingers itch to paint 😉


Sweet friends

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   After work I went to a few friends, it was dearly needed. It has been a weird week, and I feel exhausted, time to really make some changes. I have the best friends at my side 🙂 wise advices, great thoughts and very caring ❤

I tried out some new materials. The blue painting is made from the vintage cake of colour I found last week at school. And the last one is made from my new water colours and progresso pencils 🙂 More studio-time to come!