Giving my mind some rest

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I want to make room for so many things and in periods different things take up more or less percent of my energy. Right now my work as a teacher is actually what I have on my mind, I am doing a few things this near future that I have never done before so I am a bit extra nervous about those. I will be grading my pupils, field-trip with a few kids for a whole day, I will be the supervisor for a class that will be doing the oral national tests in english and while everything new is happening I have to keep up with the daily stuff going on. I think all teachers are counting down with the students actually…. break for christmas in only 19 work days (no weekends included).

I am taking my time to relax. I have done a few things these past weeks since I tried out the oven at school, I think I even made a break-through in some ways…

But then again my mind wanders to the fact that I am selling my apartment and is partly…no…all in moving in with my boyfriend, in his apartment. Though that is just for a short while until we find something bigger. Well I have my mind in that too…

Back to doing what I want to do… and then my mind wanders again to work…and selling my apartment… it seems that I at the moment think of many things… things that do bring me joy but sometimes I just need to do absolutely nothing.

I will check in with a few photos of my creative work during the coming week, but the quality of the photos might not be the best.



Christmas will be coming early…

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like tomorrow!

I started the oven for ceramics at my work today and tomorrow we will see how it all went. But what I wish the most for is that my workplace is still standing in the morning *haha* the oven has not been used in like ten years or so….exciting to say the least!

I have also been sketching a bit lately, I think I might have brokan a wall even….which means here I come…when time is on my hands, though I feel very cheered up by an article I read today about making time for art. It said you should give yourself at least 20 minutes, easily done with a kitchen timer. When your 20 are up you will have gone through the stage of boredom and suddenly 40 minutes has passed down. I think there can absolutely lay something behind those thoughts. It usually takes a while to get into the mindset and that could easily take 20 minutes 🙂

Link to article

I found this going viral on Facebook today, I thought it was funny *hihi* I did not make this animation.

Good night ❤