Giving my mind some rest

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I want to make room for so many things and in periods different things take up more or less percent of my energy. Right now my work as a teacher is actually what I have on my mind, I am doing a few things this near future that I have never done before so I am a bit extra nervous about those. I will be grading my pupils, field-trip with a few kids for a whole day, I will be the supervisor for a class that will be doing the oral national tests in english and while everything new is happening I have to keep up with the daily stuff going on. I think all teachers are counting down with the students actually…. break for christmas in only 19 work days (no weekends included).

I am taking my time to relax. I have done a few things these past weeks since I tried out the oven at school, I think I even made a break-through in some ways…

But then again my mind wanders to the fact that I am selling my apartment and is partly…no…all in moving in with my boyfriend, in his apartment. Though that is just for a short while until we find something bigger. Well I have my mind in that too…

Back to doing what I want to do… and then my mind wanders again to work…and selling my apartment… it seems that I at the moment think of many things… things that do bring me joy but sometimes I just need to do absolutely nothing.

I will check in with a few photos of my creative work during the coming week, but the quality of the photos might not be the best.



One thought on “Giving my mind some rest

  1. Just make sure, that you’d cut your workload into smaller chunks, that way, they’d be easier for you to handle, and, don’t tire yourself out, because being healthy is the most important thing in life, without that, nothing matters!

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