New painting in process

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Something came over me and it felt pretty good. I started before christmas and all that so after three days of different celebrations it feels good to be able to continue, but here are the pictures of where I started off and where I am today. It is still not finished but it usually feels good to see the process.


I have gotten further but I will show you the rest of the bunch later, probably when it is finished. I don’t think I have much left now. Anyhow here you have an idea of where everything is going 🙂

I sketched it all with soft pastells and then I just went on with the acrylics, unfortunately I didn’t take a photo of the soft pastell outline.




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Exploring style…and working with materials like pencils and acrylics 🙂

The painting is coming along okey, I have been looking through my process in my pictures…a few things have happened…show you later 🙂



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Right before christmas I started this painting and now I got a few hours working with it today. I think I’ll be finished in a few days or so. I tried to blog via my phone but it didn’t work out with the pictures and stuff, I donut know what my phone is doing, so I’ll just make an update tomorrow with the process so far. Until then I will share this sneak peak 🙂


Merry Christmas

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I used Promarkers, indian ink and water colour. Christmas this year in Sweden where I live must be one of the warmest for ages!! We have had +14c this week, that is insane we usually have at least a few degrees below zero this time of the year. We have no snow and the weather is more like spring 🙂

I don’t mind really, it is just insane!

Merry Christmas!


Future applepie

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I was quite quick this morning, going through my boyfriend’s cabinets, looking for the perfect bowl. The thing is that plastic film won’t stick to non-glossy ceramics. Ok it sounds very taken out of context but my mind worked like this this morning, followed by me whining to Stefan that he reaaaaally do not own proper bowls!(!!!). He just giggled from his studio…

I decided to use some clay I had left, it was quite firm so I decided to press into “molds” aka plastic-film-wrapped-bowls.

And then I just got caught up in it 🙂

I also managed to pinch a bowl too from the last of the clay. A long time ago I made stamps in plaster, so I used one of them today!

The result so far….very country-romantic….my goal: making them awesome!!!

So for now:

Time to dry slowly 🙂

And in the future I can serve apple pie ❤

0 days left

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What a day!

I have been in the cristmas show twice as a reindeer, hugged kids when they got their first grade certificate, and handed out candy. All of a sudden my colleague and I got gifts as well!

One basket each ❤ this will be great to split into single plants. When my boyfriend and I move to our new apartment!

If I manage to find the video someone took of the show where I am starring I will post it!

Tonight awaits christmas food with all my co-workers and good night out, tomorrow STAR WARS!! ❤

Have a great weekend!

And btw, I have christmas break now ❤

1 day left

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Wow energy levels on a peak!

This was the day when the kids were having pottering-day, with different stations for them to go around to. I was in charge with two colleagues of the paper-pottering station. We gave out gingerbread and went through all kinds of different projekts they could make, while showing them how to do it I made my own stuff at the same time so you could say I have had the best day ever. The kids have been making toffee caramels in the stations and they are so sweet to give the teachers some, I also snuck into one of my colleagues who was in charge of toffee-making, she had a plate of free caramels ❤ I took…a few…

We also had coffee and the traditional set christmas lunch at the school.

Such a fun day!

And when the day was over for the kids all of the teachers cleaned off their stations and headed to the coffee break room….every thursday we have coffee with sandwiches and sweets, as if we hadn’t had enough, down it went 😀

And before signing the grade certificates I got the special teacher group together, we are planning for something fun to do on stage tomorrow at the yearly christmas show. No sneak peaks but perhaps it will be filmed who knows 😉

No pictures today.



2 days left

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This afternoon my colleague and I took our class to the woods for a photo assignment in groups, just for the fun of it, to have some quality time together before the break.


There was frost all over and it was very cosy at the campsite we borrowed, one of those you just use if you want to. I had more energy this morning, even though it is still veeeery dark, like all the time, I am longing for the light again. I think I was looking forward to the woods all day, I was all jumpy before we left, and that is a good sign. Feeling bit more like myself. Stress is a nasty thing, but it is important to find the balance and time to rest, I learned the hard way!

When I got home I started to look around on pinterest…. and found this pretty thing


A drawing made by Adara Sánchez Anguiano, click the picture and you will be redirected to her page.

It is something about the maner of the drawing that really interests me, I like that you can se the building of the drawing underneath, I also like the different lines she has used. Inspired much, perhaps, I messed around just trying out gouache a bit and my colored pencils and stuff…

Bottomline before bedtime, gouache is weird and it takes time to see the possibilities and I really feel like I need a few more hours with my sketch pad in my near future 🙂

Ps. photos taking with my cell not the best resolution, feels a bit smudgy.



3 days left

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It sounds worse than it actually is, I love my job, but when the 3 weeks rest isn’t far away I simply long for some me-time. I suppose what I am thinking about is the thing about balance, and me-time is the perfect thing to balance up the small stress I have been building up during the last weeks.

Without planning if and when I will do it during the christmas break here is a list, because lists are good….sometimes…

  • Paint, draw, be in studio
  • Pack my apartment with excitement
  • Be outside, in the woods, perhaps even do some exercise
  • Sleep

Yea…it sums it up pretty well…and oh right…

  • Dye my hair

Me-time also includes taking looooong showers, drinking coffee slow and steady and really enjoying the taste of it….and off course sweatpants and comfy sweaters….

I got a surprise at work today, I was telling kids their grades when the janitors came by, they were going to move furniture to some storage. And all of a sudden they ask “do you want that desk?”, it was some kind of corner desk which you can adjust the height mechanically. I said I was going to think about it, I mean I rarely use a desk in my classroom, but on the other hand I don’t have a proper one as it is so how would I know. In the end I decided to have it, and it turned out great, now I have a proper desk to correct assignments at or just work in my own environment I feel at ease being in. I know where I will be working more frequently. It also seems they are speaking for my needs in my classroom so perhaps I will get a few upgrades in the future, we’ll see 😉

The count down will be more of a diary to get into the blogging again, so bear with me, it feels kind of good trying to get some order to my thoughts.





4 days left

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I just happened to check my private email today, the first thing I had to do was to get rid of all the junkmail, and then in the mess I see an email from Skolverket who deals with “teacher’s license”…. I GOT MY LICENSE!

Oh happy day, until I notice my qualifications…everything looks good and BAAM! where is my license for teaching art in the upper secondary school??!! Everything looks cool regarding my current job but I want to be able to teach older kids as well, I did everything right…a few phone calls needs to be made tomorrow….

When I got to go home I came across a creative moment, opening an energy bar, in the car, while driving, int the dark….While in my car I felt the sudden urge of hunger, lucky me, I had some kind of energy bar in the car. So in the darkness, in my car I ripped the wrapper open with my teeth and started to pull down the wrapper with my teeth WHILE trying to keep my eyes on the road and my hands on the wheel.

On a different note, I have been trying out to actually develop my style in some ways, remember when all you had to go were eyes in the faces I drew? Well now I can tell you that the feces will have noses, mouths and eyebrows as well. Below you can see a few of my recent self-portrait-doodles…


Yes, 4 more days and then HELLO creativity! ❤ Longing ❤