5 days left

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It seems the stuff I was nervous about has passed and I made it! I managed to go through the oral national tests in english with the kids in my class, I spoke slow and steady and they seemed to understand me, *puuh*. I didn’t loose any kids on the field trip. And I have managed to grade all the kids I have in art and english, I think I need to adjust a few next week, but I made the deadline!

5 days left.

Christmas break is coming up in only 5 days, that is insane, I have been working as an art and english teacher for 6 months!! So in 5 days I have three weeks christmas break and in that time I want to create, post stuff here and also the small thing about packing my apartment into boxes.

Yes, you read it right… I sold my apartment and bought a new one, I am actually moving in with my boyfriend. With all the transit periods now I am staying in his apartment and the first of march we get entrance to the new place *sneek peek below*


A feeew changes will be made, but one can still get the idea how damn excited we are. Upstairs….we will have a HUGE art studio!!

Even though many things are swirling in my mind I seem to have done a few drawings and paintings, but I will just post it all in one update when christmas break starts, easier that way.

Enjoy the mystics of the new apartment for now 😉




4 thoughts on “5 days left

  1. Glad you hear, that everything is settled in your life, and, you sound very content where you currently are in life, and not many of us gets that sort of comforting feeling about ourselves…

    1. Yes somehow I suppose I fell kind of content, then off course there is always the feeling of not having the time to do exactly what I want…but the right line there is: welcome to the grown-up world…or something 🙂 Managing time will be one of my goals during the break, perhaps I can find somewhat a good routine…but honestly, until we have moved into the new apartment I think I will feel like living in a bag or something so…in time, thanks for your comment, you always have wise reflections back for me 🙂
      Have a nice week!

      1. These transitions from one stage in your life to the next is NEVER easy, there are a TON of changes you need to make to yourself, your life, but, if you keep on working at it, it will happen!

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