3 days left

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It sounds worse than it actually is, I love my job, but when the 3 weeks rest isn’t far away I simply long for some me-time. I suppose what I am thinking about is the thing about balance, and me-time is the perfect thing to balance up the small stress I have been building up during the last weeks.

Without planning if and when I will do it during the christmas break here is a list, because lists are good….sometimes…

  • Paint, draw, be in studio
  • Pack my apartment with excitement
  • Be outside, in the woods, perhaps even do some exercise
  • Sleep

Yea…it sums it up pretty well…and oh right…

  • Dye my hair

Me-time also includes taking looooong showers, drinking coffee slow and steady and really enjoying the taste of it….and off course sweatpants and comfy sweaters….

I got a surprise at work today, I was telling kids their grades when the janitors came by, they were going to move furniture to some storage. And all of a sudden they ask “do you want that desk?”, it was some kind of corner desk which you can adjust the height mechanically. I said I was going to think about it, I mean I rarely use a desk in my classroom, but on the other hand I don’t have a proper one as it is so how would I know. In the end I decided to have it, and it turned out great, now I have a proper desk to correct assignments at or just work in my own environment I feel at ease being in. I know where I will be working more frequently. It also seems they are speaking for my needs in my classroom so perhaps I will get a few upgrades in the future, we’ll see 😉

The count down will be more of a diary to get into the blogging again, so bear with me, it feels kind of good trying to get some order to my thoughts.






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