2 days left

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This afternoon my colleague and I took our class to the woods for a photo assignment in groups, just for the fun of it, to have some quality time together before the break.


There was frost all over and it was very cosy at the campsite we borrowed, one of those you just use if you want to. I had more energy this morning, even though it is still veeeery dark, like all the time, I am longing for the light again. I think I was looking forward to the woods all day, I was all jumpy before we left, and that is a good sign. Feeling bit more like myself. Stress is a nasty thing, but it is important to find the balance and time to rest, I learned the hard way!

When I got home I started to look around on pinterest…. and found this pretty thing


A drawing made by Adara Sánchez Anguiano, click the picture and you will be redirected to her page.

It is something about the maner of the drawing that really interests me, I like that you can se the building of the drawing underneath, I also like the different lines she has used. Inspired much, perhaps, I messed around just trying out gouache a bit and my colored pencils and stuff…

Bottomline before bedtime, gouache is weird and it takes time to see the possibilities and I really feel like I need a few more hours with my sketch pad in my near future 🙂

Ps. photos taking with my cell not the best resolution, feels a bit smudgy.




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