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Wow energy levels on a peak!

This was the day when the kids were having pottering-day, with different stations for them to go around to. I was in charge with two colleagues of the paper-pottering station. We gave out gingerbread and went through all kinds of different projekts they could make, while showing them how to do it I made my own stuff at the same time so you could say I have had the best day ever. The kids have been making toffee caramels in the stations and they are so sweet to give the teachers some, I also snuck into one of my colleagues who was in charge of toffee-making, she had a plate of free caramels ❤ I took…a few…

We also had coffee and the traditional set christmas lunch at the school.

Such a fun day!

And when the day was over for the kids all of the teachers cleaned off their stations and headed to the coffee break room….every thursday we have coffee with sandwiches and sweets, as if we hadn’t had enough, down it went 😀

And before signing the grade certificates I got the special teacher group together, we are planning for something fun to do on stage tomorrow at the yearly christmas show. No sneak peaks but perhaps it will be filmed who knows 😉

No pictures today.




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