Future applepie

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I was quite quick this morning, going through my boyfriend’s cabinets, looking for the perfect bowl. The thing is that plastic film won’t stick to non-glossy ceramics. Ok it sounds very taken out of context but my mind worked like this this morning, followed by me whining to Stefan that he reaaaaally do not own proper bowls!(!!!). He just giggled from his studio…

I decided to use some clay I had left, it was quite firm so I decided to press into “molds” aka plastic-film-wrapped-bowls.

And then I just got caught up in it 🙂

I also managed to pinch a bowl too from the last of the clay. A long time ago I made stamps in plaster, so I used one of them today!

The result so far….very country-romantic….my goal: making them awesome!!!

So for now:

Time to dry slowly 🙂

And in the future I can serve apple pie ❤


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