Need to draw

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A few more and then bed, work awaits tomorrow ❤



Acrylic Markers

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I have seen them be used by a few artists and I have thought just wow I want to try them too! I accidentally went to a store the other day to buy a few beads for my dreads when I found acrylic markers, I picked out a few and tried them out when I got home 🙂



They were very nice to work with, though I probably need to get a few more down to earth colours. I thought they would be easy to blend and well control, but I probably need a bit more practice or buy a wider range of colours. Anyone out there who has some experience with this kind of medium, feel free to throw in a tips or two about them 😉

Remember this painting?


it was ages ago I started on it, I was not happy about it at all so I just put it away for some other time, this other time came yesterday.


I am officially finished with it, sure I could probably keep working on it but as an experiment with acrylic markers I am finished and from that point of view I have learned a few things I can bring with me into the next painting 🙂


And yeah right here is what I was REALLY looking for the other day…



Still home

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I am still home, but I think I am getting better, it feels easier in my body. A good co-worker pointed out yesterday that I will do no good being sick at work and that it won’t help me if I stress about getting better just to get back to work. Telling my dear boyfriend about this advice I had got made him sigh and shake his head, he said that THAT was what he had tried to tell me for several days…that’s me in a nutshell I suppose *hihi*

Well as people have pointed out not much I can do about work from home so I will sketch today and try to relax and then hopefully be back on my feet soon.

I wonder if Stefan is willing to make some more coffee before he is off to work..?! ❤


Painting from two weeks ago

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IMG_1123 (1)

This will for the moment not go into the portfolio. I have decided to update the portfolio more properly later, perhaps it will go in later.

I used watercolours and indian ink. I like the black greenery and the dept that came out of it. I think I could have worked more with the figures and colour, but what I really wanted to try out was to play around with the frame of the picture, and I suppose I did reach my goal regarding that.

I am really longing to the date when I can unpack all my studio-stuff and set up my studio properly again ❤


Still sick

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Perhaps I feel a tiny bit better, though my nose is still clogged and my throat sore…

Today at school we were going to have a sports-day, I was supposed to be at the stables all day long…but noooope, no patting horses for me… Tomorrow is ordinary school day again and I have ceramics in two classes, no way I’m missing out on that!! ❤

Over and out for now!