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I am still home, but I think I am getting better, it feels easier in my body. A good co-worker pointed out yesterday that I will do no good being sick at work and that it won’t help me if I stress about getting better just to get back to work. Telling my dear boyfriend about this advice I had got made him sigh and shake his head, he said that THAT was what he had tried to tell me for several days…that’s me in a nutshell I suppose *hihi*

Well as people have pointed out not much I can do about work from home so I will sketch today and try to relax and then hopefully be back on my feet soon.

I wonder if Stefan is willing to make some more coffee before he is off to work..?! ❤



4 thoughts on “Still home

      1. Sounds like you may have a respiratory infection, just remember to drink a lot of fluid, and take the meds the doctors prescribe you, and i’m sure, you’ll make a full recovery in no time:)

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