The Apartment

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The radio silence will start to break now!

My excuse is off course the huge renovations my boyfriend and I have made and when we haven’t been working on the apartment we have simply slept or been at our real jobs. Though exhaustion the apartment is actually coming along nicely, it is like a dream when the pieces are coming together.

We have built our own kitchen, we have had set-backs and sorted them out and learned so much. I mean who can say that you know how to build a kitchen from scratch. Stefan took care of the demolition of the old kitchen and then we build the new one together and I have been working with the details towards the end. Everything in the kitchen isn’t finished and we still have one room and the hallway to finish but that’s okey. Below are a few pictures from our journey…

First off we just laid out floor-paper all over and off course a picture from the first coffee-break on the second floor ❤


The beer might feel a bit misplaced and it sure is, since it was for a few friends who helped us out with one or two things ❤ Above your see some pictures from our new bedroom.


And somewhere during coffee-break with a friend at the start of the kitchen-renovations we decided to put in some new floor into the kitchen. We did not really plan to but wow the result of it, WOW!


And now comes a few pictures from the kitchen!


It actually took awhile before we had running water in the apartment, it was a pain, but the happy-face when we got it fixed!!


Another exciting thing here, the tiles, what did we choose (I think it is exciting anyway)


It feels so nice when you can get down to details, like what kind of knobs are we putting on the fronts?



Today a friend of mine and I did electrical works as well (yes the kind you are allowed to do, and yes we used the proper tools for it)



We are far from the finish line but it is surely but steady getting finished and that feels good. The studio is getting less unpacked than the rest of the apartment right now but I have all my boxes in the right place and soon I will be back on track regarding paintings and ceramics ❤ I have a smaller illustration work coming up, which I am eager to get going with but on thing at a time for now 🙂

When the apartment is totally finished I can almost promise before and after pictures, the change is….huge…to put it simple 🙂 ❤