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I have been sick for a few days, but today my head is starting to work again! Back to work tomorrow but until then I will draw and paint. When my mind is full and working 150% I just don’t feel like doing anything. I wish for myself to remember the calm I feel when drawing and get back into it ❤

The move has been done and the art studio is being set up slowly but steady, I really need to get a shelf up on the wall to be able to stash away more stuff 😉 I will show off the “happening-area” soon enough 🙂

A while ago I got started on an ongoing project of mine, the childrens book I want to make. I have started to write and today seriously drawing/painting. A few ideas today.

I also tried out to paint the last one.

I think when it comes down to technique I probably will mix, water colours sure do have their charm, but so do acrylics and oil pastells too 🙂

On page 1-2 I suppose my goal is to set some kind of feeling for the book and One of the bigger sceneries, so that when I write about the garden the reader can remember this double page spread 🙂 

I also feel the need to work with acrylics, I have a painting….no two, I want to finish. I also have the thought of a few new cups as well….and a smaller illustration project I want to dig into….and here I was sitting thinking I don’t know where to begin.

Back to pencil and paper ❤



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