A kick in the butt

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So Bobby Chiu, need I say more… yes probably…This is the guy with lovely images of imaginary animals and fun concepts of animals in nature, he is on “deviant art”, he has his own webpage, he has his own youtube-channel… and so on.

Anywho for anyone who hasn’t heard the name before, here he is! He’s seem to have in mind to continue these kind of videos if the interest is high enough, I hope he do.

This video is about how great artists work, he makes examples out of pretty famous people he has met and give examples of how they work. I must say it really feels inspiring watching and listening. Sometimes you need to hear tips of how to get on with what you’re doing to do even better. My thoughts circles the area: “I know what I need to do, but I procrastinate”, yes I admit, I procrastinate and unfortunately more people with me. I want to experiment, I want to draw all the time, I want to examine different areas of expertise when it comes to drawing different stuff; anatomy, animals, scenery and so on, I want to forward and have all the time in the world to what I want to do.

Then what is it that I really want? To be famous…? Naah not really, I am just glad if people like what they see and can feel motivated to continue in their own artistry. But I do want things though, a few things are dangling in front of me, but perhaps I am not totally sure where I want my art… But I do know I have an exhibition somewhere in september, and I will work my ars off for that.

So friday night, what to do? Well I have just got my butt kicked a little so I think I will continue sipping some wine and also go get my sketch book and draw basics, and perhaps I  will make a quick upload of it later.

Now go get your sketch book!



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