Piece of painting

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Painting in progress. It is nice when it feels good ❤



Birthday walk

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Tuesday is the day when time will stand still and I will be 28 years old….since this tuesday is NOT weekend my boyfriend made sure to make it one!!

He has very long legs and enjoy walking in front of me and then wait for me…and since he likes that very much every now and then his ass will be photographed!!

The goal was the view!

It is called Ramunderberget, a small mountain rising over a small city…where they have ice-cream….so from here we went to get some ❤

Earlier this day we visited our local artist shop…we spent a few coins on art supplies and headed home after our trip in the woods to nestle in our studio!

I have really gotten fond of FW acrylic inks 🙂 yesterday I mostly played around, I even went back to techniques from my school days…

Some traditional portrait in collage, with papers I oainted with FW 🙂

I just havn’t had much inspiration lately, I have usually just played around and made small portraits and doodles 🙂

And then I just found it….more to come ❤


Chill evening

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I helped out a friend with the right handwriting for a project of his. It sure was a while ago since I actually seriously wrote with finer maner. Two of three of my own given names below 🙂

I also tried out my muscle memory of Ophelia.

Yey she is still with me ❤ perhaps she will reappear soon, I hope so!

And another doodle.

I was thinking I was going to do many things tonight but I ended up in the studio and it feels nice and relaxing, it feels good. If it feels good it must have been the right Decision! 🙂