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When I was in London last year I found acrylic ink, I have seen it been used and have been curious. Though, I did not buy any, I was worried about the controls at the airport and stuff with bringing liquids so I did not buy any. Yesterday Stefan and I went to an art store in our town and I found some awesome acrylic inks + red calligraphy ink on sale.


A while back I saw this experiment someone did on the webb with writing your name in water and then dropping ink into the water-text, tried it out off course just to get the feel of it.

Today I went to my mom as I dod every now and then, today because I was getting a haircut by my little sister and getting some new color and stuff, but I brought my sketchpad and I sat down with inspiration from mom’s rhubarbs, since she was making a pie of it *yum*



I did not use the rhubarbs as reference in the sketch but I checked them out and snapped some photos as reference to light and colour for later.

Trying out making the shadows with turquoise acrylic ink:


And last I used water colours:


The upside was that the shadows I had applied actually stayed where I wanted them to, my problem with water colours have been that they want dissolve when applying another layer of another water colour. But now the shows stayed put *happyface*

The downside so far is that I offcourse want more colours to play with. Also, I need and want to try out some layering with the inks, to really see and explore their full potential.

Upside is that the inks will last long, you don’t need much to actually paint! that is economic and that fits me well!

Anyone else who has tips about the acrylic inks and ways to use them in interesting ways, feel free to tip me off with links, videos or anecdotes  ❤



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