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I recently uploaded this piece.

So with music in my ears and in the middle of the night a few thoughts have popped into my mind.

I have always used Photoshop when drawing digitally, but since my best friend works with digital programmes all the time she gave me a tip to check out “Clip Studio Paint”. I always thought Photoshop was a bit tricky with so many menus and stuff, well Clip Studio Paint is really easy 🙂

I did a few digital paintings back in the day (I sound really old, but we are talking 10 years back!!). I owned this really sweet wacom, which I later gave away to my sister when I drew and painted more traditionally. What I first get quite amazed by is that I draw in very relaxed way in the prog. I remember I was very tensed before and really had to/wanted to follow lines and stuff, I worked with curves that I could fill in lines in. And now it just….is easy. That is really nice.

Painting traditionally have felt really nice, working with acrylics and water colour, the light has felt good and I have been thinking I got this…and then I turn to my new wacom and I am going to create light through trees…I have to redo it a few times to figure out how to get it where I want. I really need to work in the light, my idea here is to use references to copy light performances in different woods, everything to catch the right feeling.

Painting tree tops traditionally have been….well it has been going ok, I have mostly just tried to go around it. And then digitally…I cannot go around it……damn! So I guess I really have to deal with it and actually admit….I suck at tree tops!!!

I watched this video this morning when I was still in bed, it was a short one from schoolism about painting rocks digitally. I think my rocks I have made traditionally have been ok, sometimes I have really gotten the right feeling and I have just felt YEY I got the right stony feeling…and then I watched this video…I need to practice how to make rocks, there were are few really good tips from this video, check it out below.


If I turn to the piece I recently uploaded I played around a bit tonal corrections, I usually just alter those when I work with photos, so it felt a bit off. I think it feels like that because I have learned that you should mix your colours and find the right mix and then apply. Take for example if you work with oils, well you cannot go in afterwards and play around with tonal corrections. And perhaps a thoughts about what is right and wrong is still in my head. But I have to get used to that when I work digitally, it is just another tool to work up the best picture I can make….perhaps I been thinking it is cheating…but I am changing my mind into thinking it is a tool (since it actually is), every technique has its pros 🙂

One last thing…I need to come up with an effective way of building up my painting. I think the solution is to actually watch artists when they paint and but up their videos on youtube or something, to see how other build up their piece of works.


To do list

  • Practice light pretense in woods
  • Practice how to make awesome tree tops
  • Practice how to make the most awesome rocks
  • Come up with an effective way of building up my digital painting


Time to hit the bed, and on to my other digital painting tomorrow ❤




3 thoughts on “Digital painting

  1. Because of the developments in technologies, we’re doing away with a TON of the former methods that things were originally done, like how books with pages and bindings are replaced with those e-books, and how a lot of the artists, instead of using their paintbrushes, color pencils and canvases, they’re started to use those computer drawing programs, and that, is when the feels get lost, and frankly, i much prefer the older ways of how things are getting done…

    1. I must that having the basics in my spine is my best tool, since everything moves along smoother digitally as well. I do think changing your ways of working will make you improve in the long run. 🙂

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