Finding that small crumb of motivation

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Am I the best to speak about finding your motivation?

No, probably not, I procrastinate quite often, more often than I want to or really want to admit. But what really get me on track again is thinking about how nice it would be to finish up pictures laying around, or just start doodling around…all of a sudden I am just into it and a few hours has gone by. At the same as I draw sometimes I have a film or something in the background as well.

Also, I somewhat find it inspirational to watch or read about motivation and procrastination, just to recognize it when I experience it, and through that see ways of avoiding especially procrastination.

One guy who has started to post short but motivating clips are Bobby Chu, you now the guy behind Schoolism:

In the video he go through a few steps to fight procrastination and find motivation in the morning. I thought I would list them below in a short version so you know what you would spend 10 minutes watching 😉

  1. Prepare you workspace the night before and why not start something you can continue in the morning.
  2. Punch laziness in the face…You are in charge of yourself prove it! Draw for at least 2 minutes and see where it ends up, Bobby means that you will probably sit for a few hours..and my own experience tells me he is right so, try it out.
  3. Go through your time schedule. Bobby does not mean your daily schedule, even though that could be an idea too, no, more like see to what you want to achieve throughout your life. How many films, or children books, or gallery shows can you achieve in one year? and how many will that be in a life time. I personally find this inspirational, but maybe a few might feel a bit panic.
  4. Don’t wait to start, just start. If you want to do something don’t wait, just throw yourself into it.
  5. Visualize your goal. What do you want to achieve? concentrate on end goal.


I can also recommend the book “The War of Art”, where you can read about the different procrastination types there is and how they work. I wonder where my ex are….I think I borrowed it to a friend…hm…I wonder which one….


Anywho, time to throw myself into finish up the last page of “Sleeping under the stars”, what will you be creating tonight? Do you have and good tips for motivating yourself when you feel at your lowest?



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