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Is it just me or is it hot outside!! I have receded indoors with my sketchbook and coffee and the show Gilmore girls on netflix all day long so far. 

For now all will give you is my coffee cup and one tiny drawing, have good day 🙂

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Need some kind of plan

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I am trying to get stuff down on paper, you know, drawings and something more solid, but tonight I can’t seem to find…it…

I have dreams and goals with my art, but it feels a bit out of reach for the moment, ’cause I don’t feel ready to be just there yet. What I lack is smaller goals that builds up to my bigger goals and dreams. Some kind of plan of what I need to do to actually get where I want with my art.

I think I know what I need to do, so that is not really the issue, the issue is probably that, as many others who create feel, a bit of low self-esteem in what you are creating. I mean I know I can draw, I understand colour decently, but with a clearer picture of what I need to do I will be able to focus better at what I need to practice. I somewhat now what I need to do in this part too…

Time issue? well yes when I am working as a teacher with long hours, but with a plan it could be easier to find the spark to actually accomplish something when you already feel somewhat drained of energy. I have vacation now, so time for the moment is not an issue.

I jumped on the offer Schoolism online courses was making ads about, the discount on 1 year subscription. Check! So that will be my focus, self-studies in art. I feel kind of pumped about this, since they are giving courses that feel like they are right down my alley, and also, you learn from a few of the best in their field. I am for the moment checking out the course where you practice light and shadow, and through there also practicing my digital-painting skills 🙂 win-win.

I am not having second thoughts in my choice to become an art and english teacher, but I really do envy one of my friends who is really working so hard to be able to work in the gaming industry, to actually make the games we entertain us selves with. She works according to some kind of plan (as it sounds when she tells me about it), she draw small and fast gesture drawings as a warm up, she give herself assignments where she focuses on different areas. I heard her swearing over hands recently so I guess that have been her aim for a while. I feel so encouraged by her way of execution in her work, and I somewhat envy that. It feels like we will be able to give each other all kinds of tips back and forth, since we are taking the Schoolism online courses together ❤

And just by writing all this down, and getting my thoughts out, it instantly feel better and it feels like I giving myself a push in the right direction. Funny how it works.

One thing at the time, sleeping next on my list.




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I have seen that there is a DIY online, to dipp cups in water which you have dripped nail polish in. Last time my partner and I went to Ikea we bought one white cup each, and the other day when my youngest sister tyrned 19 years old I got to borrow nail polish. And today my bearded man and I went at it to try!!

We noticed that you need cold water for this experiment, not hot, remember that if you are thinking about testing this. The nail polish did not float out in the warm water.

Some nail polish will stick to the bottom of your container.

And from here you are suppose to just dipp your cup….and we did. The thing is that it really is like a thin layer on the water surface, which will dry, so to next time we will not wait as long as we did, and we thought we were fast but nope, the nail polish dries and you will get “wrinkles”, be quick, and dipp one more time when it all dries up instead –> tip on the way 😉

I dipped twice, but did not wait for it to dry, which means I got small bubbles of water when a new thin layer of nail polish stuck to the cup.

On the left is my partner’s cup and on the right is mine. 

Don’t be scared to try it out, it was fun 🙂

And now I have nail polish on my hands…but not where it is supposed to be, on my nails 😉


More acrylic markers

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Good materials is hard to come by, I mean the materials you really use and love, and you wish to be better at. Right now I love acrylic inks and acrylic markers!

I tried out the same still life three times with the acrylic markers!

My boyfriend has like these empty shells from some kind of grenade something something, I don’t know, we mostly use them for candle holders xP

Some kind of progress was made with the materials 🙂

Later same day we got company by some friends and my boyfriend gamed Zombiecide while I choose to continue with the acrylic markers! First out was the legs of a table.

The light was really hard, it came from two directions so it got a bit messed up. But I then choose to paint the pillow stack on the floor…like that would be easier, well…far more interesting light!

The thing I have noticed is that it is easier to build up the paintings in layers and work with you fingertips to smooth out wet paint. It is really fun anyway and I like working close to the materials and the surface. 

I went on this 20km trail with my dad yesterday so for the rest of the evening… Resting-position!


Value practise

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I am currently working with focus on light. Today I worked with values in painting, keeping to three grey scale hues. I did a few until the one I am showing, and I actually think I’ll make many more, it is fun. I went at it with a partner in crime too, hopefully we will decide a day when we sit at a local café to draw 🙂 

Digital painting is growing on me ❤

I have been working with still lifes today so I am eager to get out there ❤

Thank you for checking out my blog! I have seen that more people than usual are going through my updates ❤


Making cuts

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I have been painting tonight, I had two water colour paintings laying around. First one went ok to save. I used acrylic inks 🙂

The second…lets say I like my idea I had and the sketch, but not how I then painted it, which is why I never finished it! So all excited to finish it…it gets even more bad….I try to save it with fog…still bad xP

I am making a cut! This piece absolutely not join the exhibition !! It could have joined, but nope!!


Paintings all over

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2nd layer of varnish applied, and paintings is standing all over!

And sometimes you need to fix broken art too.

Ok, above it is all fixer up, but I think I accidentelly taped ON the painting and when I riped it off the paint came off too!!! But now, it never happened 😉

And the painting I hinted at yesterday, here are a few close ups.

It has changes a bit, since I have taken my time to continue to paint today ❤