More acrylic markers

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Good materials is hard to come by, I mean the materials you really use and love, and you wish to be better at. Right now I love acrylic inks and acrylic markers!

I tried out the same still life three times with the acrylic markers!

My boyfriend has like these empty shells from some kind of grenade something something, I don’t know, we mostly use them for candle holders xP

Some kind of progress was made with the materials 🙂

Later same day we got company by some friends and my boyfriend gamed Zombiecide while I choose to continue with the acrylic markers! First out was the legs of a table.

The light was really hard, it came from two directions so it got a bit messed up. But I then choose to paint the pillow stack on the floor…like that would be easier, well…far more interesting light!

The thing I have noticed is that it is easier to build up the paintings in layers and work with you fingertips to smooth out wet paint. It is really fun anyway and I like working close to the materials and the surface. 

I went on this 20km trail with my dad yesterday so for the rest of the evening… Resting-position!



2 thoughts on “More acrylic markers

    1. They are actually quite ok, they are like 40 swe kr each and they last quite long actually 🙂 this will hopefully be the perfect go-to medium 😀 buy a few and try them 😉

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