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I have seen that there is a DIY online, to dipp cups in water which you have dripped nail polish in. Last time my partner and I went to Ikea we bought one white cup each, and the other day when my youngest sister tyrned 19 years old I got to borrow nail polish. And today my bearded man and I went at it to try!!

We noticed that you need cold water for this experiment, not hot, remember that if you are thinking about testing this. The nail polish did not float out in the warm water.

Some nail polish will stick to the bottom of your container.

And from here you are suppose to just dipp your cup….and we did. The thing is that it really is like a thin layer on the water surface, which will dry, so to next time we will not wait as long as we did, and we thought we were fast but nope, the nail polish dries and you will get “wrinkles”, be quick, and dipp one more time when it all dries up instead –> tip on the way 😉

I dipped twice, but did not wait for it to dry, which means I got small bubbles of water when a new thin layer of nail polish stuck to the cup.

On the left is my partner’s cup and on the right is mine. 

Don’t be scared to try it out, it was fun 🙂

And now I have nail polish on my hands…but not where it is supposed to be, on my nails 😉



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