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I have always done what I think is fun, or challenging and fun at the same time.  The main idea has and is to have fun.

I took extra classes in art in obligatory school, I moved on to study art at upper secondary school and I moved on to become an art teacher. Friends was wondering if I shouldn’t pick extra music with them instead of being the only one from our class to take art, but nope I did what I thought was fun. Friends was wondering why I was only applying to art programmes for the upper secondary school, in my mind I thought that: “Why would I choose something else when this is fun?!”. No friends questioned my choice to become an art teacher though, rather they cheered for me and thought it would fit very well.

I have always done things I think is fun and just gone with the flow somewhat. My point is that in my mind I have come a bit off track on the fun-thing. I have started to see it more as necessities to learn certain things and trying to scribble down goals to achieve, but it is hard to scribble down goals when I have somewhat already achieved a huge goal: to finish up my teacher’s degree. I mean I want to work as a teacher too so to make time for a new huge goal is not really ideal. I am a bit jealous of my bearded man who has all these small goals all the time, he gets crazy-much done, AND he is having fun which in a way makes me happy too for his sake ❤

I never had goals before, except for the obvious goal of finishing up my teacher’s degree, and I felt fine just having fun, just moving forward having fun. I never thought about what I want to use my art for, I learned though from upper secondary school and during the extra 2 years of art studies how you can have exhibitions and sell your stuff. Hopefully I will be able to re-schedule the exhibition I was meant to have, it is kind of fun to plan and have an exhibition. It is a good end and start for a continuation in your art I think, at least I feel that way for my own form of art.

Since I have started think ending I have also started to think about continuation. I think I know in which direction I want to continue, I am not sure what goals lie ahead but I don’t mind, I am going to do something I think is fun, and combine with other things I think is fun.

This could really be an exciting year coming up.

Bild 2016-08-13 kl. 14.12




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