Drawings, windbreak and swimming

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I have my sketch book next to me almost all the time when I am at home, which means I sit with pencil and the sketch book quite often. So here comes a small sketch dump and a few other things.

I went out in the woods with my bearded man and a friend this last weekend, we explored a new trail in the area and slept at a windbreak just next to a lake. Below is my bearded man and I in the background and our friend Bjorno is taking the picture, Bjorno is also so kind to lend me a few pictures ☺️ 

My bearded man made a bread dough before we headed out, we actually made our own beead in the woods!!! It was delicious!!

My bearded man don’t swim, but Bjorno and I made sure to cool down in the almost cold lake, probably the last one this year.

Morning view above! And offcourse I had to draw with inspiration from our adventure.

Feel free to check out my instagram @imaginaryleia, where you can follow my adventures in the woods, see my obsession with coffee cups which usually include coffee-pictures and my art and drawings.



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