Colour between my fingers 2

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I started this painting recently:

And below you can see the process.

This is fun project with a few colour combinations that feel good already, though as I have been  taught that you sometimes should try killing your darlings. We’ll see where this end! 🙂



Exploring portraits

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Here comes a few sketches from about a week back and a few other I havn’t shown.

Above are a few I really don’t like too but it feels good to see my own progress in quality of the drawings and paintings 🙂


My goals

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I am seriously putting up a plan for myself, not only short term goals goals for a few years into the future. Things I want to do to build up my skills for certain shorter summer courses and how want to continue from there. 

It seems like in my mind that by exploring different ways of my art during the years there is a few pieces that has stayed and is still omportant so it is those pieces I want to pick up 🙂 

Later today I will put up paintings and drawings from my weekend in the art studio ❤️


Colour between my fingers

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I just wanted to play and feel the acrylic between my fingers and there you go, new painting on the way 🙂

It feels nice to actually have the energy to paint during the weekdays! Perhaps the science I gave to my students is correct; if you create art on any level for 45 min your levels of cortisol will decrease..

Time for bed soon – over and out!